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Designed to keep your rod sections together and to protect the tip and butt sections of your rods when in transit.

They’re also useful for anglers who want to keep a made-up rod in the car for quick deployment, or for walking from mark to mark, with a shorter package.

Padded, durable nylon cups at either end protect the tip and butt section with elasticated loops attaching these cups to an adjustable, nylon strap. By adjusting the strap so the elastic loops are just tense enough to stay in place, you can remove the cups without having to re-adjust the nylon strap.

Designed to fit lure rods up to 10ft when broken down (5ft sections). It can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with our HTO Rod Carrier to keep rod sections together and for even greater protection.

HTO Tip and Butt Protector

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