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6’ 0"

0.2g-6g Solid Tip
The baby of the Aikido range.  At 6ft and a rating of up to 6g, this rod is a lot of fun. Whether poking around boulders and rock pools with LRF tackle or flicking light lures at freshwater fish without much room to manoeuvre, this little rod ticks all the boxes. The solid tip improves the hook-up rate with finicky fish.




1-5g Tubular Tip
The rod’s statistics make it a great choice for ultralight lure fishing for Perch in our canal systems as well as up-and-down style LRF around harbours, piers and jetties. The tubular tip offers ultimate lure control, increased feel and good casting characteristics. A versatile rod that is happy throwing everything from small crankbaits and jig heads to metals.



1-11g Tubular Tip
If casting distance is important to your style of light lure fishing, then this is the rod to choose. The longer blank and tubular tip delivers comfortable casting with lures up to 11 grams. This blank allows you to feel even shy fish at range as you easily control your lure. Masters all modern lure methods and excels at fishing metal jigs for a range of species.


HTO Aikido Rods

All rods are ordered from the supplier once ordered, as soon as they arrive they are sent to you!
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