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Made of the thinnest HMPE single fibers, braided on the most modern machines and optimally stretched by laser control!

The result: a perfectly round, tightly braided and ultra-smooth main line in super-thin diameters and with the best load capacities. A PTFE coating ensures high abrasion resistance and really perfect sliding properties.

A high-quality braided line for pure fishing pleasure for Trout, Perch, Zander, Chub and Pike.

IBraid Ultralight is x4



Climax iBraid Ultralight

19,99£ Normaali hinta
100 Meters
  • Diameter (mm) Strength (kg) Length (m)
    0.04 3.0 135
    0.06 4.5 135
    0.08 6.0 135
    0.10 7.5 135


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